Welcome to deZinz Custom Interiors!
deZinz believes each space serves a unique function from increasing sales and profit to creating a calm oasis for those seeking refuge from the hectic world outside.

We are a full service decorating firm addressing the needs of:

  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Residential clients

One of our passions is creating functional, safe and inviting spaces for those with special needs, seniors, and those with physical limitations–universal accessible spaces-for either private or group purposes.

Space should serve those who live or work within them and are as varied and special as the people who pass through them. While we use materials such as drywall, paint, flooring, finishes, colour, furnishing and light as our tools, we are creating custom interiors that that reflect the personalities and needs of our client. It is the ‘feel’ of a space that is most important.

How do you feel in a space?
Energetic, calm, reflective, safe, inspired?
deZinz creates spaces with energy and atmosphere that reflect the individual needs of our clients.

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