meet raine

Raine Turner

Raine is an effervescent dollop of wonkiness and wonder. Her enigmatic energy and contagious optimism inspire those around her to lead the most fun-filled and purposeful life they can.

Raine Turner, the principle of deZinz has 15 years commercial experience. She graduated from the University of Alberta in the Residential Interiors and the Construction Administration programs. She has been involved in numerous hotels, senior citizen housing projects, commercial, retail and public sector projects in addition to numerous residential properties.

Sharing her passion for decor, Raine has appeared on various television programs and even hosted an entire TV crew in her home for a New Year’s special! Her articles have appeared in magazines, trade journals and non-profit newsletters. In addition, her public speaking topics have been enjoyed by interior design students to various audiences in the non-profit arena.

She believes spaces owe a sense of purpose and to emit emotion from the people passing through them. It is finding the purpose of each space while carefully cultivating the emotion required of the space that inspires Raine to create her unique living and working environments.
“The home is a sanctuary for the soul”

Giving back to society is one of Raine’s passions, and her favorite charities are:

  • NABIS: Northern Alberta Brain Injury Society
  • WIN House: Women In Need
  • SPCA/Humane Society

Her love of live theatre has endured since childhood classes at the Citadel Theatre. An avid interest in foreign films, art, music of all genres (even though she is tone deaf) excellent food and Bernard Callebaut chocolate complete her passion-filled life.