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Calm from chaos

We have all experienced the awkwardness of entering a room shortly after an argument has taken place, “You can cut the air with a knife” is the common phrase used to describe the bad energy we feel. Alternatively we have special places we like to visit just because we ‘feel’ good there, these places are often not the most gloriously decorated places with lofty high priced valuables or the trendiest of décor- they simply are places that exude warm, comfortable renewing energy.

deZinz believes this energy is what matters most in a space and has included services to help ‘clear the air’ and allow good positive energy to enter and assist you in changing your life. This is not a religion, as most religions and cultures have such traditions. Christians and Jewish people often have their homes blessed by priest, minister or a Rabbi. Orthodox priests clear the air in the churches with incense burners, Native Americans have clearing ceremonies with sweetgrass. Eastern Asians use Feng Shui masters. We have created unique combinations utilizing several ancient revered traditions in our ceremonies to share help you clear your life and living spaces.

Intentional Feng Shui
Intentional Feng Shui is the art of consciously manifesting your life desires, be it wealth, love or creativity by using the flow of universal energy in your home or office spaces. Effectively enhancing the flow of chi, Intentional Feng Shui offers limitless possibilities and opportunities to you.

Interior Alignment
Space Clearing ceremonies are conducted in one form or another by every culture. Clearing old stale energy from your home, energy from yourself or from a previous occupant and then consecrating the area remarkable positive changes can occur. Space Clearing rituals and blessings dramatically transform the energy in your home or office. Balancing and releasing stale or negative energies can powerfully influence the course of your life.

Space Clearing enhances Feng Shui and they can be combined for greater effect.

Clutter Control
Clutter arrives in many forms.

Physical clutter:
The clutter in your home, in the closet or on your desk…. Physical items you do not need, love, use or have not created a permanent space for.

Mental Clutter:
The many choices you have stored in your mind. Chores to do, many from long ago not yet completed. Judgmental thoughts of you or others, habitual thought patterns that do not serve you or others.

Emotional Clutter:
Is ungrieved losses, fears, anger, regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

Physical, mental and emotional clutter are all intertwined. If your mind is cluttered then your work and living spaces will most likely be too. You feel overwhelmed. If your heart is cluttered it is hard to focus on your work, your family and your living space. If your spaces are cluttered with physical ‘stuff’ you may find it hard to focus on your work and family. Organizing your physical stuff allows you to begin to release the emotional and mental clutter, you begin to feel freer, more in control and calm arises from where there was chaos.

Please feel to contact us with your personal requirements to arrange an interview to see how we may help you.

Create Calm from Chaos.